■ Faculty & Staff
ProfessorOsamu Koidekoide[at]
Assistant Professor
Takaaki Katokato[at]
Engineering OfficialAkira Saitokira[at]
■ Doctoral Course Students
D 3Tsai Cho Fangnancy[at]
D 3Kabilijiang Wumaierkabil[at]
D 3Chen Li Ruchen[at]
D 3Long Shen Lianglsl[at]
D 2Meltem Senol Balabanmeltem[at]
D 1Yuto Shiozakiyutopia[at]
■ Master's Course Students
M 2Tetsuya Kashibayashikashi[at]
M 2Xu Xiaogexuxiaoge[at]
■ Undergraduate Students
B 4Takamichi Matsumoto---------
B 4Miho Ando---------
B 4Hiroyuki Nakai---------
B 4Hiroyuki Okushi---------
B 4Masaki Kato---------

(*1) Institute of Industrial Science

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